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Modbury Producers

We are very proud of our local producers here in West Dorset and value their skills, passion and collaboration.

When researching our products we go to visit businesses on site or often at markets. 


Our check list is based on the five human senses.

Sight, how do they look? Attractive to the eye or good enough to eat?

Smell , how do they smell? Do they activate the taste buds or fill you with bliss?

Touch how does their product feel? Amazing quality and desirable?

Taste, how does it taste? Memorable and moreish?

Sound, what is their message? Uplifting and inspirational?

These are all part of our decision making as much as the big question, " Are they working from the heart?"

Do they have passion for their business ?

Is it part of their purpose and much more than a hobby?

Does it have a positive impact on the environment and is it a Lensomy (unconditional love) lifestyle?

If they tick all the right boxes we invite them into our Farm Shop and introduce them to our customers.

Where attention goes energy flows!

We promote and celebrate our producers by exchanging their energy and passion by passing on each inspiring story whilst selling their products. 

Knowing about your food is important and feeling good about spending your money is crucial .

Both should leave a pleasant taste in your mouth and become a joyful memory!

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