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13 miles

To make sure you end up drinking a perfectly sumptuous cup of coffee, Fountain Rock take a truly scientific and analytical approach.

With a background in science and technology, Andrew's curiosity inspired him to learn the technical skills required to make that perfect cup of artisan coffee. He studied to get accreditation with the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, taking courses in sensory, brewing and roasting. And so Fountain Rock Coffee Roasters began!

Fountain Rock support their farmers to take the time they need to pick the ripest of coffee cherries, to process them at optimised facilities - that means either regularly turning them while drying on the patios or sorting and uniformly drying them on raised beds.

This means that the flavours are really primed for roasting in their sustainability focused electric roaster, with its accompanying suite of cutting edge tech to optimise all the components of their roast. Fountain Rock roasts its coffees between a light to medium degree to allow the natural flavours of the bean to be brought to life.

The company is not interested in speed and volume. They're committed to producing high quality speciality coffee, that’s utterly delicious for all coffee lovers, not just the experts.

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