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Modbury Farm has been a working dairy farm since 1857 and many of the field names were recorded as early as 1587. The 150 acre farm in the Bride Valley near Burton Bradstock is the home of Modbury Farm Shop. Situated in the `Garry's` yard since 2014 serving the local community with their own fresh milk, eggs, veg and free range organic meat. 

Modbury has evolved over the years from a medieval village to milkmaids rolling up their sleeves to milk the cows and cheesemakers producing their wares on site in the 19th century, to Tim and Julie selling their raw milk and fresh cream from the yard.

Now the farm is no longer organic but farmed with organic principles and the raw milk is part of the rich tapestry of the history of Modbury Farm. They do still provide the shop with their free range beef, lamb and fresh Bantam and Guinea Fowl eggs from the yard. 

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