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Curious Kombucha

After working as a brewer for various Dorset Microbreweries, Emma became an award- winning Brewster known for her love of bold flavours and the use of interesting and foraged ingredients. Driven by a love of fermentation and a desire to maintain a healthier lifestyle, in 2018 she turned her knowledge of brewing towards creating kombucha for her family.

A country girl at heart Emma has lived in the South-West for many years and fully embraced the rural lifestyle this affords her. She has a passion for the natural world, and is fully invigorated by her stunning surroundings. 

A love of craft beer led her towards a career working in small award-winning breweries and gave her the opportunity to hone the skill of fermenting. Emma was lucky to work for people who allowed her the freedom to experiment with unusual flavour combinations and create wonders such as Goosegrass and Dandelion Ale and an Elderberry Stout. Myriad combinations to be discovered within the natural world inspired her.

In 2018 she began experimenting with different fermented drinks and discovered kombucha. Emma's love and appreciation for its many benefits grew. She found by improving her gut health with kombucha her energy levels increased and her digestion improved.  The infinite flavour combinations to enhance and balance the sour tangy elements of the unfiltered kombucha energised her. She felt the need to share this wonderful new energy!

Her desire to have the flexibility to work for herself and sell this uniquely Curious product became the driving force.  After consultation with the local Environmental Health Officer Emma registered as a food business and began brewing larger quantities for sale locally.

Since winning the Taste of the West for her Raspberry and Turmeric in 2020 she has spread her passion for kombucha, extolling its many virtues, by  attending various Markets and Food and Drink outlets across the South West.

In 2021 she won another 3 Gold Taste of the West Awards for Cucumber, Lime & Mint Kombucha, Blackcurrant & Ginger Kombucha and Pineapple & Ginger Kombucha.

We love her business ethics and her energy for life!

Living a Lensomy Lifestyle is easier if you have a healthy gut and that is why we asked Emma to stock our purposely bought Kombucha mini fridge with her fabulous brews!

Raspberry and Turmeric is a personal favourite of mine and I love it on a hot day when out on my board.

Thanks Emma for being a Modbury Farm Producer !

Always Lensomy xxx

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