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Rosa Cheney

At Rosa Cheney they grow, harvest and arrange scented roses at their best – fresh, vibrant and deliciously fragrant as nature intended.

They supply roses for gifts, holiday homes, events and weddings.

Seasonal Flowers can be ordered and collected from Litton Cheney in the Bride Valley or from a London outlet.

We are very lucky to have hand picked arrangements delivered weekly by Emily to Modbury Farm shop for our customers to enjoy in their own little glass jars.

Emily Cave, founder of Rosa Cheney.

Growing up Emily always admired her parents' flower beds, dedicated to growing roses for cutting and loved to spend time with her Grandmother deadheading. On moving to Dorset in 2009, she made sure there was room in her field to have an area devoted to growing roses, with natural charm, character and heady scent - so often lost in mass produced imported roses.

Over the years they have grown to love their core stock. They also enjoy trialling new varieties recommended by other growers and watching their performance in Dorset soil giving their customers something new to try.

Rosa Cheney has become recognised in West Dorset as a source of naturally grown roses for seasonal flower lovers and florists. They gain immense pleasure in handing over buckets of roses and arrangements in locally sourced vases and jugs which are always received with a spontaneous smile. 

They always make us smile for sure and we think Emily is living her best Lensomy Lifestyle and spreading joy with her stunning seasonal blooms.

Always Lensomy xxx

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