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Third Time Lucky!

We are governed by beautiful Mother Nature and out of respect we are rescheduling our beach gratitude thrive party for the third time to the 25th (Friday) August ....same time and place. Please update those you have shared the previous dates of the event with! Much appreciated and always Lensomy ☀️🙏🏻

In support of Dorset Air Ambulance Magdalena Atkinson Music & Lensomy Lifestyle invite you all to a Thrive beach gratitude party !

Let’s show our gratitude to the lands that feed us ,the sky that grows us and our food , the air that we all breathe … the power of 3 that give us all life! Let’s say thank you to those who work and are caretakers of the land,sea and air that bring us food , shelter and keep us safe. When we show appreciation for our lives we thrive and are able to be of service to ourselves and our communities.

This is a free event so just bring yourself ,friends and suitable clothing for the beach. Magdalena will be creating space for her music and those who would like to join in . Bring your own drums,shakers and voice or use drums provided by Magdalena. Bring your own food and non alcoholic drinks. Modbury farm shop are providing logs for a fire 🔥 and charcoal for those wanting to cook .

A collection shaker will be circulating for donations to the Air Ambulance.

Must importantly bring joy !

Message if you have any questions and let’s have a fun evening on the 25th August.

Always Lensomy

Lucinda and Magdalena


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