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Sun cooked

How do you like your lunch?

I love mine sun cooked and hand picked from Tamarisk Farm.

Then I love to add some mozzarella, olives, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes from Mercato Italiano .

A drizzle of our special olive oil from Greece and a squirt of lime 🍋‍🟩


Eat what’s growing around you and what’s in season to give you what you need right now.

Preparing your food outside like I did when shelling these tasty broad beans is also a wonderful way of connecting to nature before you eat.

By storing up on sunshine foods during the weeks of light you will stay bright and alert in the dark months that come later in the year.

Eat outside with extreme gratitude in your heart for all those people who work hard to grow the food ….that’s made easily available by those other people who pick and transport the food…….. not forgetting the shops that support your food chain…….

That’s quite a mouthful of gratitude!

The flavours and the energy of your food talks for itself if you stop chatting and eat in silence, savouring each mouthful and digesting every morsel with Lensomy (unconditional love)

Let the healing begin.

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