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Regenerative farming

Read Alaistair McNab of The Old ways Farm response when asked ,” What makes you a ‘regenerative farming business’?

“The principles of regenerative farming are essentially to build top soil, improve soil health and sequester carbon – which means capturing, removing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the earth’s atmosphere. For me, this means storing more carbon than I’m making (carbon negative) and mimicking nature rather than trying to control it.

So instead of confining my animals permanently in one place, I bring them together in one area, they eat the vegetation and then they are moved on, leaving their manure behind – just as they would do if they were wild. “

This is why we support Alaistair and his business up Symmondsbury Estate . We all enjoyed his woodland reared Turkeys at Christmas here at Modbury Farm shop and we all felt his pain when 70 birds were stolen.

So driven by his passion for nature and the future of our food chain he is more determined than ever ….so he has invested in more hens and more hens = more 🥚🥚🥚

Which means we are now receiving his beautiful eggs!

They will sit nicely alongside our Fenton farm eggs and the eggs from the yard when the ladies are laying!


How many eggs do you think we sell on an average week at the height of summer?

Between 1000 & 2000 !

So having more choice, supporting regenerative farming and the next generation we feel is all part of living a healthy, wealthy lifestyle here in the beautiful Bride Valley!

Always Lensomy 🤍🙏🏻

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