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Modbury in Groves Garden Magazine

Updated: May 11

Situated at the heart of the Bride Valley on the site of a medieval village, Modbury Farm Shop is a local family run shop on a working farm. Our wide range of products are carefully selected to support farmers, local producers, growers. artists and artisan crafters.

Our produce is seasonal and environmentally sourced. Modbury Farm Shop is located in a beautiful setting, and a destination worth the visit. The name Modbury stems from the Saxon 'Moot Burgh' meaning a meeting place and the ancient village was once home to the workers of nearby Berwick Manor estate. We make sure that the energy of visiting a market place to shop and exchange pleasantries and news with your community is still going strong here at the farm shop.


Our main focus is supplying superb local produce and supporting sustainable shopping. We encourage food awareness and work to support our local economy. At Modbury Farm Shop the sourcing of our seasonal greengrocery is important to us. We care about how far your food has travelled and think that food can be medicine - eating local and seasonal food is better for your digestion and healthier for you and the world around us.


Buying locally also benefits your local community of producers. At Modbury we go out of our way to stock local handmade preserves. fresh baked bread and cakes, all with their own stories because we know the suppliers by name in most cases.

Our meats are local. traceable and delicious, often from Modbury Farm itself. We sell up to 2000 free range eggs a week that are all locally sourced and some from just outside in the yard where the ladies love to meet and greet visitors.

Coffee is a speciality and we have our own Modbury Dark Roast from our local roaster in Weymouth plus a few other select brands that sit very comfortably together on the beverage dresser. Traditional and herbal teas, natural sugars and all baking ingredients are available including neighbouring Tamarisk Farm flours, plus gluten free options. 

Very local cheeses from the Ford Farm Factory in the next village on the Ashley Chase estate and award winning Book and Bucket stock our chillers with an impressive range.



We work hard to avoid plastic and offer plenty of reusable cardboard boxes or the good old brown paper bags for transporting your shopping back home. Our local unhomogenised organic full fat milk is in the churn waiting for you to fill up using our returnable glass bottles.

In the fridge we have some bottles ready to grab and semi skimmed organic milk from Riverford in recyclable plastic bottles and plant based alternatives are also available.


Here at Modbury we want every customer to feel good when they arrive and even better when they leave, knowing they have spent their time, money and energy wisely and understanding where their food has come from.


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