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Easter Weekend

Easter is just around the corner and early as it falls on the last weekend of March. Let’s hope the sun shines and the ground dries up in time for everyone to enjoy the season.

We will be open over the Easter weekend ⬇️

Easter Sunday from 9am to 2pm

Eastern Monday 9am to 5pm

We have a store full of fresh foods and locally handmade chocolates. Biscuits , treats, plants 🌱 and the hens are laying in the yard including the guinea fowl!

We even had twin lambs make an appearance 2 days ago, so spring is definitely here even though the weather has let us down.

Nature knows what time of year it is and just cracks on whatever the weather making the best of life !

So follow nature's lead and celebrate the lighter mornings, bird song and baahing lambs whatever your beliefs ☀️🌱💛

Spring has arrived!

We are here to bare witness!

Rejoice and let's celebrate together.

Always Lensomy 🙏🏻

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