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All things Milk

We stock local unhomogenised full fat milk from @libertydairy and this is why in their own words ⬇️

“Liberty farm is committed to farming

in a sustainable way; managing the land organically to safeguard traditional habitats, upholding high standards of animal welfare, and allowing the cows in our herd to graze pastureland during the Spring, Summer and Autumn. The cows are only housed indoors in the winter when there is insufficient grass growth to sustain them and ground conditions are too wet.”

“Liberty Farm cows are kept in a small herds (less than 60), which has been shown to promote their social well-being. They are milked once a day, reducing stress and allowing maximum time to graze and relax in the lush Dorset pastureland.”

We love their ethos and the beautiful tasty milk that they deliver by churns to our shop. We supply reusable glass bottles and have filled bottles available in our fridge.

We also stock semi skimmed organic unhomogenised Riverford

milk in recyclable containers and kefir from The Dorset Dairy Co.

Our Plant based milks are organic and sold in cartons.

So we have all things covered on the diary front (or non dairy ) except raw milk. That has been part of our story in the past but unfortunately things do change and we have to find the next best thing for our community.

We feel @libertydairy ticks all the right boxes for our Farm shop here in West Dorset!

Always Lensomy 🐮🤍✅

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