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Alfresco dining at Modbury Farm shop

Alfresco dining in sunshine is the best way to digest food.

Take it out into the yard, home to your garden or down to the beach. Eating freshly picked leaves from Tamarisk Farm dropped off by Rosie the grower herself is such a privilege.

To be able to cast your eye around the chiller and choose your cheese, dips, charcuterie or whatever you fancy is tantalising to the tastebuds and juices start to run inside your mouth.

Take it outside with all of your squeezes of lime , drizzly olive oil and throw in some olives, capers or sun dried tomatoes for sweetness.

Love what you choose to eat and take your time in the sunshine to relish every moment. Feeling satisfied and grateful for all involved in the growing of your food is all part of living a Lensomy lifestyle ☀️🙏🏻🌞

Thank you to all Modbury growers and producers ! Take time to check out our growing producers page and see how far your food has travelled.

Here are just a few involved in our lunch today ⬇️

The Book And Bucket Cheese Company


Bothen Hill

Mercato Italiano ltd

Tamarisk Farm

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