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A Lensomy food story

Love a food journey that ends back where it started with excitement in the middle as you read it’s incredible story! That’s how good food should taste and be digested as you ingest it’s life history . We met Dave from @weymouth51chilli at Poundbury food festival in the wild summer and I was drawn into his story of how and why he and Mikka created their business. I was intrigued and especially delighted to find that our neighbours from @springtailfarm West Bexington were responsible for the key ingredients! It’s a full circle of Lensomy and passion that took the energy of Dorset to @harrods and then back to where it began back home and on our shelves @modburyfarmshop 🌶️💋🙏🏻 in the Bride Valley.

See the reel of how a collaboration of Fresh Dorset grown chillies from Bridport @springtailfarm are prepared into barrels to ferment🌶️ by @weymouth51chilli to be then sold to only the best stores for those who appreciate a great food story! How blessed we are 😇

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