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Fresh delivery Monday to Saturday.  Most of the brown bread which Evershot make is all made from the same dough. This might be surprising to some of you but the different ways that the bakers manipulate, proove and bake the bread can give the same recipe of dough completely different tastes, textures and appearances.


Evershot have taken great care to select a miller with the skills needed to mill and refine some of the finest flours in the land, they do try to use local where possible but the centre of the milling world in this country seems to be Oxford and as they want the best flour for our bread, that’s where their flour comes from. They even import grain from France to mill their French flour so it tastes as genuine as possible. This bread is fabulous when sliced thickly - think doorstop - and toasted with lashings of Dorset butter!


When you get to the basket, please select the FREE 'Click & Collect' option from the dropdown box as we do not deliver.

Freshly Baked Brown Large Square

SKU: FB010
  • Order before 11am the day before. Collection from 9.30am onwards.

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