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Lore Botanicals

Meet our latest local producer Charli at Lore Botanicals and listen to what she has to say.

“My intention is to create skin care products that are natural, kind & nourishing. I strongly believe we all deserve to feel as good as we can in our skin.”

We feel she is living her best Lensomy lifestyle and following her purpose. Which is why we invited her and her beautiful products into our shop .

You will find her herbal teas on our beverage dresser sitting next to Clipper teas , yogi tea and Dorset Tea herbal ranges.

She will be with us on the 19th May at our plant sale talking about her tea blends and giving out sips to those interested in her work. From 10/4 in the yard. #herbal #herbaltea #organicskincareproducts #modburyfarmshop #lensomylifestyle

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