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Meet Lizzie our local baker

Meet our incredible local baker Lizzie Baking Bird who works very hard producing very tasty grub just 20 mins up the road from Modbury!

She has just dropped off wild garlic Scotch eggs

Plus white chocolate lemon scones to our store.

Don't they look moreish?!!!

Good quality ingredients and baked with love that's the Modbury standard … food always tastes better when Lensomy is part of the recipe 💛

So come treat yourself to all the wonders of home baking without the washing up!

Lizzie has also has left us hot cross buns that are in the freezer, so we don’t run out with all the extra mouths we hope to feed over the holiday's.

On our central seasonal table sit her mighty fine Easter biscuits waiting for you to pick up as gifts or to dunk in your favourite brew.

So wether you are a local or a visitor to the area please support local independent businesses and feel good about spending your hard earned cash where it’s appreciated.

It’s been a very wet start to the year so even more reason to shop local and help our community thrive.

Rest assured you are buying the best products without the preservative concoctions that sit forever on supermarket shelves alongside processed packaged goods.

That’s why you will find home bakes and bread in our freezer. If you can’t see what you are looking for please ask a member of staff to direct you.

We are open Easter Sunday from 9am to 2pm and Monday 9am to 5pm .

Have a wonderful time and look forward to serving you !

Always Lensomy

Team Modbury Farm Shop 💛

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