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Spring 2024 #20 Print

At springtime, as Mother Earth warms and life emerges from hibernation, delight in nature at is best.

At this astrological New Year, create a spell jar to plant seeds, set goals, and manifest for the year ahead,  and create your own wheel of the year which is individual to you. Take time to smell the roses. 


It's time to indulge yourself with your very own copy of Witches Spring 2024 edition, issue twenty!


It's full of spells, crystals, folklore, horoscopes, tarot and plenty of magic. 


There are articles from your old favourites, and some new faces to welcome to the community, and lots of gorgeous photos and original artwork.

 So prepare to snuggle down with a hot drink and this amazingly good read. 

Witches Spring 2024 Edition , issue20

  • Witches was founded in early 2019 by Ellen, a Journalism student from Falmouth University, UK.

    Her aim being to always create a sense of community amongst witches, no matter what you practise! After a year, she has moved onto pastures new and handed over the reigns to her mum, Laura, who has been running it since.

    Witches has a fabulous team

    Vanessa Tait, Editor: Edits the written submissions making them Witches proof!


    Alice Musgrove, Sub Editor: Proof reads the final draft, and casts her critical eye!


    ​David Whalley, Art Editor: Checks out that the final copy looks its best, including his photography.


    ​The Contributors. Some have been with Witches from the beginning, some dip in and out. All are welcome.

    ​And finally, there is Laura O'Rourke, Editor-in-Chief: Does everything else, even makes a daily witchy brew! 

    ​While Witches is based in the UK, it has been created to be enjoyed worldwide. 

    It's pretty simple, really. Witches is all about inclusivity, and giving witches across the world a chance to have a voice. If you'd like to shout about your craft, excellent! Witches provides a space for you to do just that. It's all about being at one with nature, in every aspect, love Mother Earth!

    Laura runs the magazine on a non-profit basis; to her, it's about creating a space for a minority group within the media - not about making millions.

    If you share this ethic and passion for witchcraft, and have something to bring to the table, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

    Lucinda the Lensomy Lifestylist met Laura whilst creating her EQUINOX- Spring Forward fragrance at RIA-Loves in Axminster . There was a connection and now you will find this beautiful magazine at Modbury Farm Shop and online! 

    Always Lensomy xxx

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