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Wrap up in unconditional love, pure lensomy.

We picked the simplicity of Oatmeal to reflect the cooling, yet warming properties of our pure lambswool fringed scarf. Breathable and warm - a classic!


All of our chosen TBCo’s scarves are tastefully embroidered with the energy and wording of Lensomy which is an old Sanskrit word meaning 'unconditional love'. Anything made with love and care for all of nature (including you) has this seal of gratitude and appreciation.

Helping those who work alongside Mother Nature live a Lensomy lifestyle.

Lensomy Lambswool Scarf Oatmeal Melange

  • Fibre | Pure Lambswool
    Touch | Soft & light
    Size | 12" x 79" / 30cm x 200cm, including fringing*
    Wool Source | Inner Mongolia
    Woven In | Inner Mongolia
    Care | Handwash. Lay Flat to Dry.
    Styling Corduroy Trench by 5th Season Vintage.

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