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I AM Lensomy essential oil blend is now available as a pulse roll on.

We have had so many requests to have this blend in a purfume due to its intoxicating scent that it had to be!


Attract unconditional love where ever you go and be reminded that you are pure Lensomy through out your day.


Enter a room and open hearts with the vibration of this beautiful blend with the intention to spread unconditional love where ever you go. 10ml

I AM Lensomy Roller Ball Essential Oil Blend

  • Apply on clean skin as part of your morning routine before you start your day . Anoint the inside of your wrist on your pulse points where there is natural heat. Then roll behind the neck avoiding ear lobes so you dont confuse your sense of smell with a hit of the top notes and allow the overall fragrance enhance your day. 

    Reapply in the evening before going out to feel really special!

    Feel loved, breathe it in and make " I AM Lensomy" your mantra !

    Safe on naked skin but avoid clothing as essential oils might leave a stain or discolour some fabrics. Not edible. Aroma is to smell not to eat, the therapy is the effect of the fragrance of the oil blend  on our emotional and physical body. Do not ingest.


  • 10ml

    Amber glass bottle with black metal lid and steel roller ball as applicator. Affirmation I AM Lensomy on white label.

    Aromatherapy oils used are a divine natural blend of Coriander, Bergamot, Neroli, Jasmine, Rose, Basil, Vanilla, Oakmoss and Vetiver.

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