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Winner of the BBC's Interior Design Masters, Host of Scotland's Home of the Year, interior designer, stylist, racenteur and occasional cheesemaker, Banjo Beale, was our chosen blanket to help support TBCo in their Positive Impact pledge. Modbury Farm Shop supports many local Dorset cheesemakers and on this blanket 2% of your purchase supports Positive Impact charities.


We chose the TBCo Blanket Company in Edinburgh as the manufacturer of our Modbury Farm Shop range of blankets. Each recycled wool blanket saves an average of six garments from landfill. They call this turning pre-loved into re-loved and we call this pure Lensomy. Woven from their partner mill in India and made from 70% recycled wool and 30% recycled fibres. This is a blanket you can wrap around or throw over all that you love, including Mother Earth, creating a Lensomy lifestyle.


The blend of recycled wool, with longer mixed fibres saved from landfill, creates a soft and durable yarn which is then woven in a dense twill weave and brushed for texture. This results in a machine washable, sustainable blanket, with all the benefits of wool that is breathable and regulates body temperature, keeping you in the thermal comfort zone.


Note this blanket does not have the Lensomy embroidery to avoid added cost. That means the love energy goes towards the charity and not lost in the cost of production. Always Lensomy xxx

Positive Impact Recycled Wool Lensomy Blanket - Sage Block Check - 57" x 57"

  • Fibre | 70% recycled wool, 30% mixed fibres saved from landfill
    Touch | Smooth & durable
    Size | 57" x 75" / 145cm x 190cm, including fringing*
    Wool Source | India
    Woven In | India
    Care | Machine wash on wool cycle. Lay Flat to Dry.

    Our Recycled Wool Blankets contain pre-loved fibres that may differ slightly in colour, design and size.

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