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Jess runs her own business based in New Body Fitness Bridport for Personal Training & Online coaching.

She has been in the fitness industry since I left school in 2019. 2 diplomas ( L2 & L3), 2 years of an apprenticeship & now self employed studying to be a pre & post natal specialist.

Jess helps over 30 + females feel body confident, enjoy foods they love and exercise feeling empowered.

When arriving for a session, you get given her app. Jess's app gives you access to your personalised programme. You track your progress and Jess sets you targets. Helping you become your best self in the gym.

In terms of keeping yourself on track, sge does daily check ins to keep you accountable. Check ins will consist of Jess looking at a daily food diary & step count.

Jess has a great community too! Lots of mums, teens, elderly. She arranges monthly walks & chat to each other weekly boosting each other up.

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