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Kendal started her hairdressing journey when she was still at school, going in after school and on Saturdays. Sweeping floors, making tea's and coffees. Now apparently her tea making skills have improved and I can vouch for that but her hairdressing skills speak for themselves!

She soon found a real passion for her job. She says that being able to give people confidence, and make them feel happier about themselves has to be one of the best feelings. She loves cutting and colouring, finding the perfect balance to find that perfect style.


Kendal worked for other people for nearly 20 years, so when the opportunity came up, to take over a business, she jumped at the chance. Yes, it was a big scary step, but also a very exciting one.


She decided to name her salon B Hair Studio. After her son, Blake. He thinks it is very cool, and now a salon owner himself !


For Kendal, B stands for a lot more too.

It means B who ever, whatever you want to be. Be blond, be brunette, be bright, be happy, be bold, be yourself, be everything, all at B Hair Studio.


My reason for finding Kendal was down to google as i searched Green hairdressers in my area!

I've added what i found below but the extra bonus was the peaceful environment of her salon. Looking over West bay in a bright sunlit salon with good company and a great chat.

Its a pet hate of mine seating still and getting my hair messed with and talking polite chit chat, which Kendal was fully aware of as I informed her on my first appointment!

Apart from the comfort and easy parking right outside the door, Kendal is a professional. I always feel 10 years younger every time I leave her capable hands and her amazing smelling shampoos. She is a great listener and will do whatever you feel you need but always there with professional advise to guide you towards the best outcome.

She is the real deal and living her best Lensomy Lifestyle right here in the Bride Valley so click on the link to her website and introduce yourself.

Always Lensomy xxx


B Hair Studio





We are part of the Green Salon Collective which means we do our best to be as environmental friendly as possible.

Green Salon Collective is a start-up of industry experts, hairdressers and eco campaigners on a mission towards hairdressing sustainability.


We can collect almost 100% of all salon waste and find new uses for it that reward the salon, the environment, and the community.


We'll also recycle your hair to ensure that it will be used to either help adsorb oil from our waterways, be added into gardeners composting mixes, or if it's long enough, be donated to wig making charities.


There is absolutely no reason why either of these materials should be thrown away as general waste just to end up in the ground.

We use biodegradable coffee pods, and use sustainable washing powders for our towels. We are proud to be part of this initiative which helps lower our carbon footprint as a salon.


A £1.00 'Green Fee' is added to every bill to help us afford to be able to do this, and we really appreciate your support in this matter.

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